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Options and Pain Relief During Childbirth

October 29, 2008

I think that most women don’t realize that it is possible to reduce the pain of birth just by learning about their options. In fact, it is possible to have a painless birth or even an orgasmic birth.

I’ve experienced two painless births myself. I didn’t have an orgasmic birth but I did have at least two clients who did.

The first painless birth was with my first baby. The second birth was with my twins. I had an unusual set of twins in that they were mono-amniotic. They were wrapped up in each others cords 10 times! So, I did end up with an unexpected c-section. Unexpected because I wouldn’t consent to one until I was at 9 cm and was certain that this was the right decision without coercion. However, I did get to 9 cm without pain. I even started talking through my contractions at 8 cm because I got bored of waiting for them and I had to speak to the doctors and dozen residents who were in my room.

Although I had a spinal for the c-section, I never had any medication whatsoever AFTER the birth. Not even a tylenol. Nothing. I felt like I did too many sit-ups but I wasn’t in pain. I’ll have to write the whole story up one day but for now I’ll just say I used the power of my mind – just another birth option.

Why would I mention a c-section when I’m dong a blog on natural birth? Because when you educate yourself fully with independent childbirth classes, read great books, get a doula and learn several tools to help with reducing discomfort during labor, you will change your birth. Usually you will prevent unnecessary medical intervention but in the case of a true medically necessary intervention, you’ll find yourself feeling empowered and calm. No fear.

The biggest gift that I was given for the birth of my twins was my own book, “Journey into Motherhood”. After reading and re-reading the stories during the process of publshing the book, those stories of empowerment stayed with me. Despite having unusual circumstances at the birth of 29 week old twins, I had a really great birth. I always felt like I was in control of my decisions because I was. I had decided to be.

I’ll be posting these birth stories from the book daily. Read the additional comments and the author’s notes. You’ll find a lot of options to make birth better and easier.