What is your Favorite Birth Story?

Hi Everyone,

I need your help. Can you post a comment and let me know which story or stories in Journey into Motherhood: Inspirational Stories of Natural Birth is your favorite?

You don’t even have to have the book to comment. There are plenty of stories in this blog.

Tell me what you liked about the story and why. Is this a story you read as an expectant woman, as a birth worker junkie, etc.?


5 Responses to “What is your Favorite Birth Story?”

  1. Sheridan Says:

    I really like Susan’s story. I guess because it shows that un-medicated birth can be pain free. I also “know” her from the Hypnobabies Yahoo group and have heard her next two birth stories, which are just as fabulous!

  2. smenelli Says:

    I love Susan’s story. I’ve spoken to her on several occasions and she is so enthusiastic about her birth and the book.

    She became a hypnobabies instructor, right?

    I don’t have her contact information so if you talk to her, ask her to join us on facebook or on this blog. I’d love to hear more about the births she has witnesses since her story was published.

    -Sheri Menelli

  3. Julie Bell Says:

    What an awesome book! There is so much fear and apprehension about birth. Many contemporary books are so prescriptive, seems like all they do is soften women up to accept intervention. A book that is full of the voices of real women is just the thing pregnant women need to overcome the fear and be filled with confidence. Great work!

  4. smenelli Says:

    Thanks Julie,

    How did you find out about the book?

    Please pass the book along. I’m so tired of having it be a secret. It is now available to the world!

    Sheri Menelli

  5. Stella Greenhalgh Says:

    I have the good fortune to be a HypnoBirthing child birth eudcator. As such I’m definitely a proponent of natural birth. I also feel very sad when moms are expected to succumb to interventions without much in the way of explanations and I get really upset when women are told they “need” help to birth their babies because it’s otherwise too rosky.
    With this in mind I loved reading the secret unassisted home birth. I liked everything about it including that the oder siblings were part of the birth and that the family had a birthday party. Lovely.

    With much pleasure,
    Stella in Bakersfield

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